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This article gives you details about solar energy, its advantages and its scope with a recommendation at its bottom of a very economical DIY solar panel program, available for purchase. Feel free to spread the link of this article to your friends and family and to those who have an interest to buy solar panels or looking for solar panels for sale.

Buy solar panels for home, solar panels for sale, save power, turn off your vehicle at the traffic signal, shut the monitor when not in use and others. These are the phrases which all of us come across every now and then. You see these messages at various places because organizations and governments are putting them up in order to create awareness among the people about the depletion of resources. Planet earth has reached a stage where its most blatantly used non-exhaustible resources are coming to an end and hence alternatives are being discovered. The objective of the communication, apart from creating awareness, is saving as much energy as possible so that we don’t end up needing desperate measures due to the entry of a panic state of depleted resources. Petrol, diesel, natural gas and oil are just some of nature’s exhaustible resources which are widely used by humans and have reached an endangered stage. The prevention of letting them go extinct can only happen when these little savings are made effectively. Due to their rapid burn out, a future with the same assets can’t even be imagined. So on what power is the future going to run? Keep reading to know the answer.


Researchers and scientists have been burdened with the responsibility of finding alternatives from the last few decades since the conservation movement started. When it comes to looking for alternatives, its never easy because you just don’t detect any resource but rather discern an option which won’t just substitute but also be more efficient. This is the basic expectation but some compromises can be made at times. In this case, ultimately, a conclusion was drawn that the best way to surrogate these resources is by generating power out of sources which have unlimited supply. Hence the search for sources of energy which were limitlessly & readily available and could be harnessed to produce power started. The quest ended with wind and sun as the answers. This led to the revolutionary invention of windmills and solar panels. Although, windmills were invented centuries earlier than this development, their use in mass power generation began at this point in history.

Among wind and sun, it was more preferred to utilize the latter in power generation due to its better availability throughout the world. With this encouragement, solar panels of all sizes have been invented till date. From running an entire household to a simple calculator, it has been confirmed that solar panels perform successfully. These solar panels convert solar energy into electric energy by a special method called Photovoltaics wherein electrons are radiated from a surface when it is exposed to light. The development of photovoltaics has helped humanity to a major extent and given rise to an utterly new perspective for humans to utilize. It has been proved time and again that solar panels installed for power generation have many advantages over the regular/traditional power generation methods such as the following:

  • Firstly, solar panels are far more efficient than any of its counterparts. The amount of energy manufactured by solar panels is more than other methods using the same amount of time.
  • Solar panels produce power in surplus and so you no longer have to worry about low voltages or power black outs as this power is available usually in good consistence.
  • There are no more electricity bills as you generate the power for your house or your office yourself without any connection to the power department of your area. This makes it good value as well. It is very preferable to install solar panels if you like to save money. The usage of electricity has been consistently growing and so is the bill, solar power gives more than enough electricity to be exploited but no monthly bills to worry about except tiny maintenance costs.
  • Poles and wires are not used in installing solar panels. The surface receiving the radiation is affixed at the place where sunlight is accessible for most part of the day; generally they are set up on roofs. All the connections can be made internally within the walls and as a result, you get wireless and pole-less electricity.
  • Solar panels also eliminate the pollution which is a by product of electricity when produced using other methods.

As it is very evident that solar power gives you a lot more than just electricity but it is not totally advantageous either. It has just a couple of demerits which stand in its way of becoming the perfect product. First of all, the initial set-up costs are high. There are solar panels which are even sold at a price as much as $20,000. This reason has led to solar panels being put-off for a long time but now the winds of change have arrived and a low price route to solar panels has been introduced, we’ll get to that later in this article. Another problem with solar panels is the fact that sunlight is not available throughout the day. The absence of light during night can cause inconvenience and an inconsistent supply of power. Somehow, solar panels have been effective in providing power throughout nights to some extent as well by the light received and further stored all throughout the day. A third drawback is that these set-ups are also not viable for locations where sun is not active majorly. It’s just these roadblocks that stand in the way for solar panels and even they are expected to be overcome soon.

Solar panel is the technology of the future. It still hasn’t been able to capture the domestic market in a big way and many believe the price to be the reason. Nevertheless, producers have come forward with economical methods of enabling solar power for domestic use. These programs are mostly DIYs which give you enough knowledge with which you can make your own solar panels. The programs offer a mix of solar panels and wind mills (for use during night) for generating electricity. As I said before, solar panels are being sold at thousands of dollars but the programs offered today guarantee that you can make solar panels for less than $200. With a view to let people find easier and cheaper ways of making electricity from the sun, I started looking for such programs and found the following one. Installing a solar panel is a good investment because not only does it save money but it also makes you money. You want to know how? Electricity produced from these resources comes in excess and hence whenever you have more of it, you can sell it to the electricity company. This can give you considerable amount of money especially at times when you’re not at home and the production is still on. And by selling power, you also avoid all sorts of wastage.

Presenting Earth4Energy
Your source for making electricity and money

Now I’m going to introduce you to Earth4Energy, a simple to use guide with which you can construct your known solar panels without much hassles and without any technical expertise.

The above information must have made it clear that solar panels are going to be the next big thing in the market. Its convenience and economic characteristics are unparallel and despite its high price, it is already a high demand product. Now, what if you could have your own solar panel installed at your home or office but without having to pay that big a price? How does that sound to you? Interesting, isn’t it? The truth is you can actually get this facility for a much lesser price than what you see on other places. A solar panel can cost you between $2,000-$20,000 but the Earth4Energy program can guide you to constructing a solar panel with a budget of less than $200.

Earth4Energy is a famous guide having featured on mass media like Television, YouTube, Yahoo and Magazines like Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. Thousands of people have used the earth4energy program and combined have saved millions of dollars of electricity bill. Not having to pay for electricity can save you quite an amount of money. And day by day, the use of electricity just keeps increasing with the numbers of gadgets that are successful in attracting us. In addition to saving money, as mentioned earlier, the excess electricity can also serve as a revenue stream if you intend to sell it to the electricity company. Earth4energy has been highly successful in guiding people build solar panels for their own establishments. The added icing to the cake is that it comes with a “Love it or it’s free!” guarantee which means a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. No hassles, no questions, no problems, all you need to do is email them demanding a refund if you’re not convinced with their product.


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